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Table 1 Wells clinical decision rule.

From: Excluding pulmonary embolism in primary care using the Wells-rule in combination with a point-of care D-dimer test: a scenario analysis

Variable Points
Clinical signs and symptoms of DVT
(minimum of leg swelling and pain with palpation of the deep veins)
Alternative diagnosis less likely than PE 3.0
Heart rate > 100/min 1.5
Immobilization (>3 days) or surgery in the previous 4 weeks 1.5
Previous PE or DVT 1.5
Haemoptysis 1.0
(receiving treatment, treated in the last 6 months or palliative)
  1. Clinical probability of PE:
  2. Unlikely ≤4 points
  3. Likely >4 points
  4. Low <2 points
  5. Intermediate 2-6 points
  6. High >6 points
  7. Abbreviations: DVT, deep vein thrombosis; PE, pulmonary embolism