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Table 5 When GPs send samples requesting Ova, cysts and parasites in patients with diarrhoea

From: Stool submission by general practitioners in SW England - when, why and how? A qualitative study

Participant Quotes
GP10 "I suppose that if they’ve been abroad really, you know, and that’s really third world travel”
GP7 “Well I guess if someone’s come back from India or somewhere where you’d suspect they’ve picked up a parasitic infection. I guess if they work in sewers and things like that. I don’t know whether that would be a situation where you’d ask for that sort of test.
GP13 “Don’t think I ever would, I’d leave that up to the lab really"
GP11 “don’t actually but it comes back, I mean I’ve never asked for a specific thing. I think I may have asked for clostridium difficile once. But I’ve just sent a normal MC&S really. I don’t have much sort of sophistication in terms of exactly what I’m asking for I’m afraid.”