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Table 1 Description of participating primary care practices, clinicians, and patients

From: A qualitative comparison of primary care clinicians’ and their patients’ perspectives on achieving depression care: implications for improving outcomes

Practice description Primary care clinician gender/type/age (years) Patient gender/age (years) Insurance type/employment/marital status/other Single/multiple episodes of depression/psychiatric comorbidity
Practice A: 7-clinician practice in Denver Suburb. Clinician a: female family physician, 54 Patient 1: F(female)/51-55 NA (not available) Multiple
Physician-owned practice.
Patients referred outside of practice to therapy/psychiatry. Patient 2: F/26-30 Private insurance/unemployed/single student Multiple, comorbid obsessive compulsive disorder
Quality Improvement (QI) Project: developing an electronic patient tracking system including web messaging to communicate with patients.   Patient 3: F/NA Private insurance/NA/divorced Multiple
Patient 4: F/26-30 Private insurance/unemployed/married/pregnant Multiple
Patient 5: F/36-40 Private insurance/NA/widowed Multiple
Patient 6: F/46-50 Private insurance/employed/divorced/non-Hispanic white Multiple
Patient 7: F/36-40 Private insurance/employed  
Patient 8: M (male)/51-55 Private insurance/Employed Multiple
Patient 9: F/61-65 Private insurance/retired/married/grandchildren Multiple
Clinician b: male family physician, 54 Patient 10: F/21-25 Private insurance/employed/married Multiple
Clinician c: female family physician, 48 Patient 11: F/26-30 NA Single
Patient 12: F/51-55 Private insurance/employed Multiple
Patient 13: F/61-65 NA Multiple
Patient 14: F/51-55 Private insurance/employed Multiple/comorbid fibromyalgia
Multiple clinicians Patient 15: F/26-30 Public insurance/unemployed/single Multiple
Multiple clinicians Patient 16 Patient 12: F/NA NA Multiple
Multiple clinicians Patient 17: M/NA Uninsured/unemployed Multiple
Multiple clinicians Patient 18: M/NA NA Multiple
Multiple clinicians Patient 19: F/66-70 Private insurance/retired  
Multiple clinicians Patient 20: F/26-30 Private insurance/Employed/divorced  
Practice B: 3-clinician practice in large town of 80,000 people. Clinician d: male family physician, 38 Patient 21: F/36-40 Insured/homemaker/married/Hispanic Multiple
Physician-owned practice.
Patients referred outside of practice to therapy/psychiatry.
QI project: targeted depression screening and symptom tracking of newly diagnosed patients.
Practice C: solo practice in Denver Suburb. Clinician e: male family physician, 45 Patient 22: F/61-65 Uninsured/unemployed/divorced Multiple
Physician-owned practice. Patient 23: F/71-75 Insured/homemaker/married/caregiver/ gravely ill husband Multiple
Co-located with psychiatric office. patients referred to therapy outside of practice location.
QI project: targeted depression and anxiety screening and symptom tracking of newly diagnosed patients. Patient 24 Insured/retired/married Multiple
Patient 25: M/36-40 Insured/unemployed/engaged to be married Multiple
Patient 26: F/36-40 Insured/self-employed/married Single
Patient 27: F/46-50 Insured/employed/divorced Single
Practice D: 2-clinician Federally Qualified Community Health Center. Clinician f: female nurse practitioner, 49 Patient 28: F/26-30 Uninsured/unemployed/divorced/High school education Multiple
Mountain town of 15,000 people.
  Patient 29: F/66-70 Insured/ homemaker/married Multiple
Co-located with a community mental health organization.
QI project: improve integration with mental health center.
  Patient 30: F/61-65 Insured/employed/divorced Multiple