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Table 3 Subthemes subsumed in the five main themes, according to the four participant categories

From: Patient and professional attitudes towards research in general practice: the RepR qualitative study

  General practitioners Patients Academic GPs Other academics
Specificity Specific population
  Natural environment
  Screening and prevention
  Patient-physician communication Patient-physician communication Diversified research methods Diversified research methods
Relevance Health care improvement
  Patient compliance Patient compliance Health care cost minimization  
  Health care cost minimization    
Recognition GPs as investigators   GPs as investigators Publications
  Patients as active collaborators   Publications  
Pitfalls GPs misused by pharmaceutical industries
  Perceived rivalries in the university
  GPs just collecting data GPs just collecting data University corporatism  
  Dehumanisation of practice Dehumanisation of practice   
Feasibility Access to a diversified population
  Typical medical researcher as a “laboratory worker”
  Lack of time
  Access to a diversified population
  Fee for service system Fee for service system Fee for service system  
  Isolation of practice   Isolation of practice  
  1. Bold characters denote common subthemes between the four participant categories.
  2. Normal characters denote specific subthemes related to professional issues.
  3. Italics denote specific subthemes related to technical issues.