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Figure 1

From: Antibiotics for coughing in general practice: a questionnaire study to quantify and condense the reasons for prescribing

Figure 1

Items from part 1 of the questionnaire (Q1) (1) : distribution of scores and factor loadings per yielded factor (1) Part 1 of the questionnaire (Q1) is assessing how strong the questionnaire items argue in favour or against antibiotic treatment in case of suspected RTI in a coughing patient. Only items with factor loading > .40 to the yielded factor are presented. (2) Factor loadings to the yielded factors are presented. Factor 1 (F1) includes all the items relating to the lung auscultation. Factor 2 (F2) includes only items relating to non-medical reasons, either patient or physician related. Factor 3 (F3) includes items determining whether or not there is something unusual happening. (3) The small box represents the median, the larger box the interquartile range, the wiskers the scoring range.

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