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Table 2 Elements of the quality improvement strategy

From: Blood test ordering for unexplained complaints in general practice: the VAMPIRE randomised clinical trial protocol. [ISRCTN55755886]

Elements of strategy
Contents of programme Small group meeting 1
Part 1: Interactive explanation of diagnostic value of diagnostic testing for unexplained complaints and effect of watchful waiting policy on diagnostic value.
Part 2: Discussion of difficulties experienced in practice when dealing with patients presenting with unexplained complaints. Goal setting to change behaviour in GPs' own practice.
Small group meeting 2
Part 1: Discussion about experiences with behaviour change. Searching for solutions to barriers that have arisen.
Part 2: Practicing difficult situations by means of video vignettes. Setting new goals to change own behaviour.
Practice visit
Discussing individuals' barriers to change and providing suggestions to overcome these, based on stage of change.
In between meetings, GPs get the opportunity to work on their goals to change their behaviour.
Materials – Course book.
– Leaflets for patients with information about unexplained complaints.
– Diaries about complaints and food intake to hand out to patients to fill in and later discuss together.
– Video message for the waiting room, explaining the use of watchful waiting.