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Table 3 Summary of extracted roles

From: What are the roles involved in establishing and maintaining informational continuity of care withinfamily practice? A systematic review

Doctors' Roles • knowing patient histories
  • using record keeping system(s) effectively
  • keeping adequate records
  • deciding whether personal/social information should be recorded
  • clarifying and updating record accuracy
  • determining what information gets shared with others
  • delegating updating of records to nursing or office staff
  • ensuring confidentiality
Patients' Roles • transferring information to other practitioners
  • establishing trust in doctor
  • willingness to share personal information
  • withholding no important details
  • awareness of types of medical and non-medical
  • details that are salient
  • remembering important information
Roles of Technology • serving as a tool to enhance continuity of care
  • prompting doctors to take action
  • being searchable
  • providing space for historical/contextual information
  • facilitating development of longitudinal record keeping
  • enabling timely and patient-centred care