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Table 1 Patient characteristics

From: Managing depression in people with multimorbidity: a qualitative evaluation of an integrated collaborative care model

ID Gender Completed/disengaged Age Diagnosis of CHD or diabetes Other conditions
PT01 Male Disengaged 69 Diabetes Arthritis, Dry Macular Left eye/Wet Macular right eye, Deafness, Acoustic Neuroma
PT02 Female Disengaged 85 CHD and Diabetes  
PT03 Female Disengaged 68 CHD  
PT04 Female Disengaged 58 CHD  
PT05 Male Disengaged 59 Diabetes  
PT06 Female Completed 56 Diabetes High Blood Pressure
PT07 Male Disengaged 65 CHD  
PT08 Female Completed 53 Diabetes Migraine, High Blood Pressure
PT09 Female Completed 29 Diabetes  
PT10 Female Completed 53 CHD and Diabetes COPD, Cataract, Asthma
PT11 Female Completed 78 CHD and Diabetes Facet joint degenerative condition lumbar region, High Blood Pressure
PT12 Male Completed 60 CHD and Diabetes Arthritis
PT13 Female Completed 61 Diabetes  
PT14 Female Disengaged 73 Diabetes Heart Murmur
PT15 Male Completed 43 CHD Acid reflux, Sinusitis, Asthma
PT16 Male Disengaged 77 CHD Asthma
PT17 Male Disengaged 58 CHD  
PT18 Male Disengaged 73 Diabetes Polymyalgia rheumatica, Asthma
PT19 Male Completed 72 CHD  
PT20 Male Completed 49 Diabetes  
PT21 Male Completed 65 CHD and Diabetes  
PT22 Male Disengaged 64 CHD COPD, Sleep Apnoea, Arthritis
PT23 Male Disengaged 56 Diabetes  
PT24 Female Disengaged 52 Diabetes Vasculitis, Osteoporosis, Hyper parathyroidism, Kidney failure
PT25 Male Disengaged 60 Diabetes Arthritis
PT26 Female Completed 56 Diabetes  
PT27 Male Completed 65 CHD Multiple Myeloma
PT28 Male Disengaged 58 Diabetes  
PT31 Male Disengaged 46 CHD