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Table 4 Practical barriers in delivering the Health Checks

From: Lessons learned from England’s Health Checks Programme: using qualitative research to identify and share best practice

Staff time/hours We haven’t had the, I don’t think we’ve had the HCA funding to be able to do that quite honestly; to start offering sort of afterhours and things like that [PN]
Space in the building There’s not enough rooms! You know, it’s not a case of getting clinicians in, we can get them in, but we’ve nowhere else to put them.” [PN]
Software I print off the list of patients from and I trawl through them, looking, making sure that they’re all within that bracket, because there’s some that are underage (under 40) and some that are over the age (over 74), so it’s a pain, filtering those patients out, 19-year-olds and 90-odd-year-olds on there”. [HCA]
Leaflets and posters I don’t think we’ve got any [leaflets] for the Health Checks. And I think they’re hard to get hold of actually, but I don’t think we send those out either. But again if they rejigged some posters and leaflets and things to get people’s interest again, you know like they do every year for flu jabs?” [PN]