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Table 5 Health practitioners’ views of the Health Checks programme

From: Lessons learned from England’s Health Checks Programme: using qualitative research to identify and share best practice

Positive Negative
People are checked earlier in life rather than waiting for problems to develop The worried well are most likely take the messages on board
Help to identify people at high risk that had been missed before The Practice is good at screening for high risk patients even without the formal Health Check
Help to identify and support people with high cholesterol, high blood pressure or diabetes, as well as heavy smokers and heavy drinkers It has a big impact on workload and cost implications
Many people wanted a cholesterol check. There is uncertainty about whether people take the advice given to them in Health Checks
Those that attended the health check were motivated and open to advice. They get the patients who want to attend but not the patients who need their intervention the most
The Health Checks have worked well for the worried well as well as those that have a high risk They are not getting full time workers as appointments are only offered before 4 pm
Good patient feedback Appropriate referrals cannot be made due to cuts in services