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Table 2 Bivariate associations between patients health literacy skills as well as accessibility of care and care coordination experiences in primary care and satisfaction with care received in the last 12 month (N = 885)

From: Impact of health literacy, accessibility and coordination of care on patient’s satisfaction with primary care in Germany

Variable Satisfaction with medical care received in the past 12 months at your regular doctor’s practice or clinic (excellent, very good, good)
  N (%) p-value
Accessibility of general practice
 how often do you get an answer that same day?    <0.001
 always/often 715 94.8  
 never/rarely/sometimes 60 72.3  
Assistance in care coordination
 help coordinate or arrange the care you receive from other doctors and places?    <0.001
 always/often 618 97.2  
 never/rarely/sometimes 199 74.9  
Health Literacy
 problems when learning about medical conditions    <0.05
 no problem (rarely/never) 589 93.5  
 problem (always/often) 160 88.4