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Table 5 Search syntax for PubMed

From: Studies of the symptom dyspnoea: A systematic review

term “dyspnoea” in various notations (in title) (dyspn* [title] OR (short* [title] AND breath* [title]) OR SOB [title] OR (laboured [title] AND breath* [title]) OR (labored [title] AND breath* [title]) OR (laboured [title] AND respirat* [title]) OR (labored [title] AND respirat* [title]) OR (short* [title] AND wind* [title]) OR breathless* [title] OR (difficult [title] AND respirat* [title])
MESH term “dyspnoea” dyspnea [Mesh]
term “general practice” in various notations (in title or abstract) (“general practi*” [TIAB] OR “family practi*” [TIAB] OR “family medicine” [TIAB] OR “family physician” [TIAB] OR “family doctor*” [TIAB] OR “primary care” [TIAB])
journal representing our research area (“BMC Fam Pract”[TA] OR “Fam Pract”[TA] OR “J Fam Pract”[TA] OR “Fam Pract Res J”[TA] OR “J Am Board Fam Pract”[TA] OR “Br j gen pract”[TA] OR “Can fam physician”[TA] OR “Ann Fam Med”[TA] OR “Aust fam physician”[TA] OR “Scand J Prim Health Care”[TA] OR “Eur J Gen Pract”[TA] OR “Archives of family medicine”[Journal]”)
term “general practice” in various notations (in affiliation to authors) (“general practice” [AD] OR “family practice*” [AD] OR “family medicine” [AD] OR “primary care” [AD] OR community [AD])
MESH terms “family practice”, “physicians, family” and “primary health care” (“Family Practice”[Mesh] OR “Physicians, Family”[Mesh] OR “Primary Health Care”[Mesh])
  1. Limits: Editorial, Meta-Analysis, Practice Guideline, Review, Addresses, Bibliography, Biography, Case Reports, Comment, Dictionary, Directory, Festschrift, Government Publications, Guideline, Historical Article, In Vitro, Interactive Tutorial, Interview, Introductory Journal Article, Lectures, Legal Cases, Legislation, News, Patient Education Handout, Portraits, Webcasts