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Table 2 Interview guide

From: Exploring interprofessional collaboration during the integration of diabetes teams into primary care

Core questions for Diabetes Educators and Primary Care Providers
 How does the MDET model facilitate how you care for and support your patients?
 How did you feel about the team work/process?
 Were there any specific changes to the way you practiced/delivered diabetes care to patients?
 Describe your ability to build a working relationship with the PCPs. Describe your collaboration with the dietitian. Describe your collaboration with the nurse. Any other health professional?
 Describe your experiences using the patient communication tool. Describe its utility. How do you communicate with the educators regarding patient information (EMR, patient care conferences, any other communication tools)? Are there any barriers to communication? Or any methods or tools that facilitate communication?
 Describe any need for resources and/or training that would have improved the implementation of this intervention.
 Would you describe the intervention as a success or failure (and why)? Describe some of the factors that made the implementation of this intervention successful.
 Describe your thoughts on the patients’ experiences of having diabetes education delivered in the physicians’ offices. What were the advantages or disadvantages?
 How can we deal with the challenges/barriers you mentioned to improve upon the MDET intervention?
 Are there any other issues you would like to discuss about the intervention?
Extra Diabetes Educator Questions
 How do you feel you have contributed to the PCP’s knowledge & management of diabetes care?
 Describe the PCP’s accessibility when you needed to speak with him/her about a patient.
Extra Primary Care Provider Questions
 How was the MDET introduced to you?
 Who do you refer to the MDETs? Why do you only refer these patients and not others?
 When you don’t refer to the MDET, do you tell the patients about the program or other resources available to them?
 Of the patients that you refer, are there any who refuse to go or are scheduled and don’t show up? If so, do you know why?
 Describe your experience of having a MDET onsite. What are the advantages or disadvantages?
 Describe your experience with insulin initiation for your patients since having the MDET onsite.
 Describe your experiences in responding to RN/RD recommendations (e.g., for medication changes, timely manner, quicker response). Do you normally see your patient the same day that the MDET team sees your patient?
 Would you recommend participating in this intervention to your peers? Why or why not?