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Table 5 Patients interview

From: Process evaluation of a stepped-care program to prevent depression in primary care: patients’ and practice nurses’ experiences

Topic Question
General How was your experience participating in Step-Dep/the program in your general practitioner practice?
What was the best part for you?
What was the weakest part for you?
Motivation Why did you decide to participate in Step-Dep?
Mental state How would you describe your mental state before starting Step-Dep?
If not depressed: please tell more about it?
If depressed: please tell more about it? Did it influence your life? What do you think caused it? Is there a relationship with your chronic disease? How? How is your mental state now? If improved: what are the reasons for that improvement?
Did you feel the PHQ-9 reflected your mental state correctly? Why? Why not?
Need for care Were you in need of care/a preventive program to improve depressive symptoms?
How would it have been, if you had not received an invitation for Step-Dep?
What were your expectations/hopes from the program?
Did the program match your needs?
What would your care of choice have been like? And to improve depressive symptoms?
How would it have been for you to be offered a program at the time of diagnosis of your chronic disease?
Perceived effectiveness Was the offered program useful to improve your depressive symptoms? Why? Why not? What was most useful to you? How do you see that in the long-term?
How were/was the consultations with the practice nurse/self-help/problem solving treatment/referral to general practitioner for you?
Suggestions for future care Would you recommend this program to others? Why? Why not? To whom?
What would your suggestions be to improve Step-Dep?
Is there anything you would like to add to the interview?