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Table 1 Discussion guide

From: General practitioners’ perceptions of population based bowel screening and their influence on practice: a qualitative study

1. What do you see as your role as a GP in cancer screening (general)?
2. What do you see as your role as a GP in bowel screening?
3. What factors influence whether or not you discuss bowel screening with patients? (Prompt for barriers and enablers)
4. What advice do you give patients regarding bowel screening, and does this differ depending on the patient? Can you please elaborate?
5. What is your view of different bowel cancer screening tests (FOBT, colonoscopy, flexible sigmoidoscopy)?
6. From your perspective, how willing are patients to undertake bowel screening? What factors do you think affect this (patient willingness)?
7. What sources of information about bowel cancer / bowel cancer screening do you use?
8. What bowel cancer screening guidelines do you know about? What is available? How useful?
9. What do you know about the NBCSP?
10. What is your opinion of the NBCSP / Understanding of screening eligibility / The role of GPs in the program?
11. What is your experience of the NBCSP in your practice?
12. When you feel that a patient should have an FOBT, what do you do?
13. What do you do with patients not eligible for the NBCSP?
14. What could help enhance the role of primary care in bowel screening to improve screening and early detection?