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Table 2 Physician-identified reasons for not screening for type 2 diabetes mellitus (n = 63)

From: Understanding type 2 diabetes mellitus screening practices among primary care physicians: a qualitative chart-stimulated recall study

Reasons n (%)a
Previously normal T2DM screening test result(s) 31 (49.2)
Return visit 30 (47.6)
Normal weight 6 (9.5)
Future health maintenance examination 4 (6.4)
Normal blood pressure 2 (3.2)
Did not believe screening indicated based on guidelines 2 (3.2)
Younger age 2 (3.2)
Otherb 12 (19.1)
  1. aNumber of times code occurred and frequency of occurrence among the 63 patients who were not screened. Codes were not mutually exclusive and therefore the percentages sum to more than 100
  2. bIncludes physician not being the patient’s primary care physician; patient reported recent normal labs obtained elsewhere; patient preference to avoid a blood draw; patient enrolled in hospice