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Table 2 Average characteristics of study practices

From: Influences on the adoption of patient safety innovation in primary care: a qualitative exploration of staff perspectives

  List Sizea Under 18a 65 + a % Non-Whiteb Deprivation Scorea QOF Score (2013)a % Femaleb
Study practice Average/SDc 8824 6289 20.4% 4.7% 15.5% 7.4% 17.7% 22.6% 21.8 12.4 976.7 19.6 51.1% 5.0%
English Average 7041a 20.8%a 16.7%a 13%b 21.5a 961a 51%b
  1. ataken from National General Practice Profiles (Public Health England) [31]
  2. btaken from the GP Patient Survey July 2014 [32]
  3. cThe practice average and standard deviation use values that are weighted by the practice list size but the median and interquartile range use values that are not weighted by the list size