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Table 5 Correlations of patient-centred care dimension scores with satisfaction with care

From: Validation of an instrument for the assessment of patient-centred care among patients with multimorbidity in the primary care setting: the 36-item patient-centred primary care instrument

Dimension Satisfaction with care
Patients’ preferences 0.45***
Physical comfort 0.38***
Coordination of care 0.49***
Emotional support 0.32***
Access to care 0.46***
Continuity and transition 0.51***
Information and education 0.46***
Family and friends 0.34***
Overall person-centred care 0.53***
  1. ***p < 0.001 (two-tailed). Results are based on list-wise deletion of missing cases. Results based on imputed data (n = 216) were similar